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Customer desertion

Predictive or Passive

A loyal customer is a real treasure for any business, so losing them entails costs that your organization should not afford.

Get the tools to prevent customer defection with our FUGA BS solution.

FUGA BS allows you to identify the customer profiles most likely to abandon your products/services, identifying and deepening the real causes of desertion and not those that the customer may superficially mention at the time of cancellation.

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In general, the process that a customer follows to abandon a product and service is an accumulation of experiences and situations that may be associated with aspects directly manageable by your organization (internal) and/or with situations in the environment that you cannot manage directly (external).

Our solution FUGA BS helps you to make a management proactive to avoid the loss of customers by means of a complete diagnosis and the consequent generation of an action plan that addresses the different elements that led to defection.

Depending on the information your organization has about the customer, the model can be done in a variety of ways. preventive through an advanced analytics process that facilitates the identification of customers at high risk of defection and the generation of actions to prevent their defection.

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A brief look at our FUGA BS solution from brandstrat


FUGA BS performs a comprehensive analysis based on four axes:


Demographic, attitudinal and relational profile of the category

Segment runaway customers in order to generate retention strategies focused on active segments with higher risk of runaway and high profitability/level of category usage.


Detection of leak triggers (internal and external)

Experiences and situations associated with aspects that can be managed internally or externally.


Diagnosis of the retention process

Identify whether the correct retention actions are being taken at the time of cancellation and define improvement actions.

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Future behavior of the fugitive

Recognize high-value customers who are open to return so you can recapture them.

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