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Shopper Study

Shopper BS

Understanding the shopper in the omnichannel world is critical for your brand to gain market share.

Identifying and solving the specific needs of buyers will drive greater effectiveness and efficiency of your plans and, therefore, a greater return on your investments.


With our solution SHOPPER BSyou will be able to understand the different shopper segments of the category and their buying journey, from the moment the need is generated, the use of the various touchpoints, and the complete buying process, to make your brand easy to find and more attractive to consumers.

SHOPPER BS provides a deep understanding of the shopping journey, enabling you to anticipate and influence behavioral change in different retail environments, as well as understand the reach, impact, and role of physical and digital touchpoints.

Through a multi-stage approach, involving qualitative, quantitative, and observational processes in the different retail environments, SHOPPER BS will allow you to adjust/optimize your brand display and activation strategy and properly manage the use of all channels involved in the buying journey.


A brief look at our brandstrat SHOPPER BS solution.

SHOPPER BS approaches the understanding of the Buyer from the following perspectives:


Buyers as consumers


Buyer segmentation

comportamiento del cliente

Diagnosis of purchasing missions


Channels / Retail environments

To what extent are buyers also consumers

Based on the attitudes, drivers and expectations regarding the purchasing process and experience, the different buyer segments are identified.

Identifying and quantifying the different buying missions is essential, as it not only affects buying behavior but also channel choice, price and promotion sensitivity, and assortment needs.

Each channel has a dominant shopper type or travel mission. Understanding this relationship will allow us to develop better plans by channel or retail environment.

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