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Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Understanding and adjusting to the new needs and demands of your customers is key to surprise them and build customer loyalty.

Listen to your customers! Have a tool that gives you constant feedback.

With our solution PDA III (Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty) you can build a customer loyalty strategy in the short, medium and long term, through actions for different customer segments.

The PDA III allows you to make an in-depth evaluation of the different blocks, and their corresponding aspects, that make up the value proposition for customers and to rank them according to their impact on customer loyalty, allowing your organization to focus resources on those that will really surprise your customers.

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Our vast experience with multiple sectors of B2B customers (companies) has allowed us to build normas/benchmarks to help you interpret the results obtained and, together with our expert consulting team, develop a proposal with potential action plans to be implemented.

Likewise, by means of analítica avanzada We are able to identify those aspects/initiatives that the client is not expecting and that can positively surprise them, generating a differential advantage over our competitors.


A brief window into brandstrat's PDA III (Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty) solution.

The PDA III (Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty) is composed of five modules:

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idea creativa


propuesta de valor

Value matrix construction


Strategy definition

The tool can involve analysis combined with the data you have on your customers to identify the most profitable ones and how to deepen the relationship with them, as well as knowing where the problem customers are.

The process closes with Brandstrat's strategic accompaniment to design the action plans to be implemented.

Contact us so that our team can offer you our solution adapted to your needs.