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Are your clients ready for the metaverse?

Almost 80% of Colombians have already heard of the metaverse, and are willing to buy and attend conferences on this new technological frontier through its avatars. 

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¿Qué es expedia?

How willing are Colombian consumers to live advanced digital experiences?

expedia mide la inclinación de los latinoamericanos a vivir experiencias digitales avanzadas; lo hace analizando 322 variables en tres dimensiones (Identidad, Economía y Tecnología). Lo presentamos en el Consumer Immersion 2022 y lo estamos lanzando al mercado.

The data and insights from this study are key for those who are thinking of "taking the plunge" with metaversal activities and defining the appropriate modalities to do so.

We have been able to reach a depth that is beyond the reach of the more general studies that are available on the market.

It was recorded for example that:

Game of Chance

90% of respondents play on their mobile, computer or console; the majority in sessions lasting two hours or more.


11% of gamers consider their digital belongings to be equally or more important than their physical ones.


62% play with other people, confirming the important social role that gaming has acquired during the pandemic.


Half of the respondents would not like a cashless world - although 73% already use a purse or digital wallet (such as Nequi or Daviplata).

Expedia en prensa

Diffusion of virtual reality glasses in Latin America

In this document you will learn about the possession and use of technologies such as virtual reality glasses in Colombia and Latin America, where you can see their inclination to live advanced digital experiences and learn more about the possibilities of these technologies.

White paper Colombia and the metaverse

Meet our white paper "Colombia and the metaverse", an approach to the inclination of Colombians to live advanced digital experiences. In this downloadable, you will find the perceptions and feelings of Colombians towards technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, among others, that will allow you to think of innovative strategies based on current and local data.

Conoce más de expedia y nuestra participación en talkIN LATAM 2022the virtual market intelligence event for Latin America on the future of technology in different industries.

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Paolo Miscia en el evento marketing express de la universidad de los Andes

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Rafael Lopez y Paolo Miscia presentan en el evento Talkin Latam, las nuevas experiencias digitales avanzadas.

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