The high level of penetration and use of technological devices as well as access to the Internet, both in all strata and ages of the Colombian population, indicates that we have gone from

As we divide the online and offline world into one, or at least where the lines that separate them are very blurred, we no longer know how much we are outside of the digital world.

In the business world it is beginning to be said that there are not two marketing strategies for brands: one online and one offline, but only one that lives in both worlds (or is it just one?).

The above has posed an interesting challenge for companies: how to make digital into something human-tangible, and here are some recommendations as a starting point:

Be Relevant / well thought out: through digital media it is possible to access moments and levels of intimacy that are not available through other means; that is why it is said that the cell phone can be cataloged as the

We are "lovers" of people, because they keep many of our secrets. In this way, brands can be in a space and time that was never thought of as "appropriate" before, but that is not the only way to achieve this.

that it was, it is a surprise that only human beings can achieve. This can be a risky strategy because if it is wrong, it can generate a deep rejection.

Be close/personalized: Making you feel that you are speaking and acting from the micro target's similar way of looking at life, turns brands into humans in the digital world because they are

This is why the more segmented the content and creativity, the closer the better.

Be Inspiring : Feeling inspired nowadays has taken a lot of strength, the new generation is looking for causes to adhere to, everyone expects small daily moments of feelings.

We need to be reminded of the things that really matter.

Be Surprising in the big and the small: Expressing a different and relevant way of looking at life or evidencing a genuine concern (that is backed up with action) of the group

objective: connects, generates new expectations and deepens the relationship.

An example of all this is the humorous images that arrive on Whatapp, which can radically change our mental state in two seconds.

In the end, making digital more human is about being more intimate, more specific, more profound, to deliver relevant emotional and functional benefits at the right time, in the right place and in the right mood.




RECOMMENDED PHRASE TO HIGHLIGHT: everyone expects small daily moments of positive feelings that will recharge them emotionally.