What motivates us to buy, even if our needs are satisfied?


There are internal and external forces that influence the activation of the need. In this external forces, which are driving the development of the purchasing: social forces, commercial information forces, formal and social sources.

Social forces: usually refers to the changes cultural usually generated by a new technology or by an external situation dramatic (positive or negative), involving a change in behavior. For example: everyone already speaks for the group phone chat function, if you do not I'm in that chat, I'm disconnected, I don't know what's going on and I can't satisfy my instinct for socialize.

In a positive dramatic external situation, it is possible to living at this moment: it is the World Cup in which it participates. Colombia may be a unique opportunity, who knows when we will be able to return. to see her in another World Cup, how much a consumer pays for this? Facing information forces commercial appear: new product launches with more or better functionalities.

All communication and activation actions generated by brands. And the forces of social information: the voice to voice in its different channels, digital and groups; the reference groups, opinion leaders (not paid), also active the need (or desire): the difference between the current state and the desired one. Then, when one's desires and aspirations are in line with the desired with what is going on in the environment, a mixture appears that detonates the change or purchases of new products products and services.

From all this it follows that the way we understand them, how we detect these new needs and manage a solution of responsible manner, will allow consumers to feel that we are reading their minds and that we are that we are anticipating their needs. And, therefore, exceeding your expectations.