Reviewing the August results of Fedesarrollo's "Consumer Opinion Survey", which shows that in 2018 the consumer confidence index remains in positive territory, I confirmed my conviction about the importance of market research for society. The index not only serves as an indicator of the economy and the mood of consumers, it is a benchmark for decision making. Just like the Consumer Survey, the studies contracted by companies allow them to obtain knowledge of the markets, creating better products that benefit society, as is the case of the public survey studies conducted by renowned firms where hundreds of professionals from different disciplines using the scientific method allow the country to look in the mirror and get to know itself better. In the last elections we saw conflicting opinions on the results of the polls, something normal, being a fundamental part of a healthy democracy that there is diversity of opinion. Polls are snapshots of a moment, they encourage discussion and reflection. The well-known firms that make surveys of electoral intentions do them in different fields, staking their reputation in the first ones, so it would be strange if they abandoned the ethics achieved with effort to gain exposure, besides their biggest judge is the final result of the election.

Leandro Izquierdo A.
Executive Director
Colombian Association of Market Research and Public Opinion Research Companies, ACEI