The strategy to captivate consumers is segmentation.

I recently read a quote from Woody Allen that clearly expresses the road to design of a strategy to captivate to customers: "I don't know the key to success, but I know the key to failure, and that is to try to please. Any organization that tries to solve functional or emotional needs in a generalized way will most likely end up delivering "average" products and services, or, in some cases, of lower quality in accordance with the expectations of each customer.

The path to growth lies in delighting a certain type of customer. specific, to arouse envy of others and thus position the brand as desired. I think Apple has taught us that this works, and very well in the markets.

developed countries, and it is beginning to awaken in those in development thanks to the increase in of per capita income.

Delighting means anticipating and generating relevant solutions, easy to use and that generate a good user experience, to the needs of of consumers.

This requires segmenting and choose. Segmentation must be understood as how to divide a market/consumers into different groups, but internally each group has very homogeneous members, who share needs, behaviors, thoughts and, in some cases, demographic characteristics very similar. In order for it to be adequate and useful in the management of the business, it must comply with several requirements such as: Size, where the segment must be large enoughfor the company's actions to be efficient. Whether by the number of times it uses the product, the service or the amount of time it uses the product, the service or the amount of time it uses the product, the service or the amount of time it uses it.of people. Accessible: That the company segment can be accessed through existing channels or new ones can be developed. There is very large segments but, when located, they are widely dispersed.

Profitable: That the segment has the willingness to pay a sufficient expense for the value proposition that can be generated by the company. There are small segments and other large ones with high spending capacity and other large ones with both are interesting on average siempre y cuando la empresa achieve attractive products. It is also necessary to ensure that the company has or is able to develop the ability to delight. So, segmentation is the number one and fundamental step in the marketing process. Then you deliver the product that the segment is looking for in the place they can access, at the price they are willing to pay, with a clear and entertaining communication for the customer. All of the above, within a brand concept that transcends in life. of the consumer.