Philosophy of


1. For our focus:We seek to ensure that research results have an impact on the organization, being a consultant/strategist as well as a researcher.

2. For our continuous innovation in methodology:by heavily involving multivariate and predictive statistics, we seek to impact business results.

3. For our other service areas:More talent and more points of view involved in research.

4. For our working process:The search for strategic business insight for our clients.



Policy of Quality

BrandStrat advises the decision-making process through the improvement, monitoring of strategies and identification of business opportunities, based on the collection and analysis of timely and reliable information, applying best practices and codes of ethics governing the research sector.

We have teams of trained and integral leaders who perform excellent processes always seeking continuous improvement, exceeding the expectations of our customers, contributing to the fulfillment of profitability goals to satisfy the welfare of all members of the organization.


We are an Ad- Hoc (customized) solutions company. We were born in 2002; we have sufficient experience to support our clients in their strategic decisions. In this path we have worked with:

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